A comprehensive guide – you need to read before taking up a kink quiz

To begin with, one must acknowledge that the cosmos of kink is not quite as uncomfortable or simple as the fifty shades of grey movie might have made you believe.

It includes a wide range of human sexuality that is slightly outside of the ‘mainstream or usual – aka missionary or perhaps doggy with the no lights. Whilst there are more numerous hardcore and controlled parts of this kink community, one may find that they enjoy things as simple as being simply tickled in a bedroom or just watching someone putting on the lacy pair of colorful stockings.

A secret hot topic?

That said the sexual kinks have generally been the secret hot topic for society. Here’s taking a quick look at some of the most popular kinks and fetishes that have got the largest portions of “practitioners.”

  1. Virtual sex
  2. Dom/sub
  3. Orgasm control
  4. Bondage
  5. Anal play

Of course, none of these is anything that one should be ashamed of, if one does have the predilection for non-vanilla kind sex, they find the richer community at sex clubs & online who’d assist you to understand everything starting from the safe terms to nipple clamps and yes daddy.

Do as you like

If you blunder on a side of the vanilla instead, that is also no issue. Never let a person coerce you to do anything you are not comfortable with, as sex must take place on one’s terms and it should be enjoyable.

For people who’re somewhere hanging in the middle – looking to spice up but ain’t sure what way they desire to go? In that case, one must begin with taking a kink quiz – yeah, this might help.

What can you expect out of the kink quiz?

It is all a tad bit fun, however, it may help you show your personality and where exactly it lies in the world of the kink.
So, when you take a kink quiz, you’ll get a set of questions that may resemble the set of questions listed below. (note: it is just to provide the readers with the look of questions, which they may encounter when taking a kink quiz)

Where will be your favorite location to make out or have sex?

a. Your room
b. Staircase
c. Boudoir-style hotel
d. Workplace
e. Outdoors
f. Public place
g. Your friend’s room
h. Sex club

What’s the favorite part of your sexual encounter?

a. Feeling completely in the minute and letting yourself free
b. Stepping aside from the mundanity of your daily life
c. Doing stupid things you’d not do usually
d. When your partner gets the pleasure
e. Comprehending how much your partner needs you
f. The very thrill of likely being caught having sex
g. Expressing your secret desires and fantasies

Which term suits the act of sex the best for you?

a. Naughty
b. Powerful
c. Collaborative
d. Personal
e. Surreal
f. Exhilarating
g. Surrender

Opt for the form of foreplay

a. Sending nudes
b. Striptease
c. Dirty talking
d. Sensual foot massage
e. Tickling or light spanking
f. Watching pornography together and letting your partner know what you need
g. Waiting for a partner to arrive home in a lingerie

What is your must-have bedroom accessory?

a. A whip or paddle
b. Crotchless underwear
c. Killer heels
d. Flavored lube
e. Handcuffs
f. Love eggs
g. Ice-cubes
h. Ice-creams

How will your friends characterize you?

a. Forthcoming
b. Flirty
c. Quirky
d. Free
e. Imaginative
f. Uninhibited
g. Timid

What is your most fantasized thing?

a. Sex in the public place
b. Having someone who is a total stranger
c. Sex parties or threesomes
d. Using all five senses alongside the sex toys
e. Having your partner direct you how you can please them
f. People wearing heels or stockings
g. Someone doing perfectly what you ask

What is your favorite movie out of the following?

a. Closer
b. The big lebowski
c. Rear window
d. Fifty shades of grey
e. Eyes wide shut
f. Secretary
g. Perfume
h. American pie
i. Original sins

Well, there you have it. These are the kind of questions you’ll most likely go on to encounter when you plan to take up a kink quiz. It is now expected, this guide will provide the readers with everything they need to be wary of beforehand.

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