How harry potter quiz become famous?

We all know that harry potter is a mysterious story and there is no end to it. Each part will contain some quiz in it and at last, it will be reviled to the people. Everyone will be nail-biting to know what will happen in the next scene, this makes the harry potter story a world-famous play. From kids to old age people love to watch it, it contains which activity as well as good activity. Most people’s character will be related to the person who appears in the film, we can’t say all people are kind hearted and others are unkind too. The whole play takes place in the Hogwarts School and the school there will be different kinds of houses, each person belongs to one house and it is analyzed based on their character. A cap will be placed on a person’s head and it will read the person’s character from heart, and it will say the name of the house. There will four houses and each house will have the same characteristic people, we can’t find any miss-matching people because it will spoil the whole house. In a way, we can also see our life belongs to the same and keep people around us with the same character; those who are different will always stay away from us. to find our character, people usually play this quiz game.

What are the four types of the house?

We know that there are 4 types of houses. They are,

  • Gryffindor: it is the bravest house among all. Here the person will be ready to face anything with a bold heart and never turns back once they step into it. This house represents the strongest people.
  • Slytherin: This is the house where selfish people are found and they don’t the things go from their hands at ease. They will use some tricks to show they are the good person in front of all but in reality, they will be cunning like a fox at each activity. They wish to keep all the things on theirs and don’t share with anyone at any cost. Though they are brave but not all time, they will make others fall into the trap and get free from that.
  • Hufflepuff: from here many magicians came, most of the good wizards and witches are trained in this house. These people will be caring and kind-hearted, they will easily fall into others trap due to their innocence but they are the hard-working person comparing to all other houses. We can’t defeat them at ease because they will try to prove their level to the end without fail.
  • Ravenclaw: here we can find smart people; they use their intelligence to find things than going in sheep’s path. They don’t follow others and they create their way and moves on it; we can’t find many people with similar characters but few will be there. Their activity will be creative and unique so others can’t do it but they can follow them to make them wise too.

So based on these houses we can identify our character from the harry potter quiz.

How to play the game?

Though it is a screenplay but everyone will have the interest to know which Hogwarts house am I. The whole play will be taken on the school and house is given to each people by their character, it will be quite interesting to know because it replicates our character. The quiz contains some kinds of twisting questions, so by answering the questions given in the game we will know where we belong to. The questions will be framed according to identify our character, so while reading the question we will answer from our point of view. Likewise, 30 sets of questions were given in the game; each question will deeply analyze our character. We need to answer all questions without fail, and we can’t skip the questions too and then we need to submit the answers. It will take our answers for analyzing, based on answers our house will be displayed on the screen, and then we can guess our character through it. Harry potter quiz is an interesting game, that’s why many people choose it.

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