For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to travel


You can expect to find a bit of everything on my site. Sometimes I go to fancy hotels because I want to treat myself. Sometimes I go backpacking and stay on campsites. I like trying every kind of travel because each travel brings me a new adventure, new knowledge, new ideas… What I enjoy most are changes. My goal is to concentrate on good things about traveling and to convey my experience gathered in some country as positively as can. I’m interested in different cultures, people, cuisines, and customs. So my website offers a lot of different stories. I really believe that traveling is the best kind of education, and the people I meet on my trips always fill my soul with wonderful stories that I will never forget. I like connecting with local people and finding out about my destination from their point of view. In my opinion, this way of getting to know a city or a country is the most authentic. I feel most at home when I travel. This is contradictory I know, but nothing fulfills me as much as visiting a new destination. So, I would like to inspire you to broaden your horizons, learn about different cultures and meet new people – to set off on your journey. Traveling changes you as a person.


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