Attempt the Harry Potter House Quiz and Test Your Memory Skills

Every kid fondly calls himself a potter head. The love that is showered on J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Series is massive. The magical fictional stories that revolve around the life of the wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends are nail-biting. The series uncovers the struggles of the wizard, Harry against Mr. Voldemort. He is portrayed as a dark wizard who is not liable to death and wants to vanish everyone who is in the power of the Magic Ministry.

The Harry Potter Series captures the wonderous minds of the readers and increases curiosity and the story evolves. The presentation of the fictional elements attracts large eyeballs. From kids to adults, everyone connects themselves and be a part of this adventurous series of Harry Potter.

The technology has also introduced Harry Potter Games, Movies, web series, and quiz. The most loved feature from the list is the harry potter house quiz. Playing Quiz is highly enjoyable. It tests the memory skills of the Harry Potter fans and makes them feel more connected than before.

What are the reasons to love the Hogwarts House of Harry Potter?

Every Potter’s head aims to look for the Hogwarts House in reality. They wish to receive the letter from Hogwarts as soon as possible. The world of magic is something that makes the readers are attracted. Harry Potter and his style of well-being have a special place in the hearts of millions.

In all, there is a total of four houses in the series. Each house is widely known after the name of the founder. The following are names of the houses mentioned in the stories: –

  • Gryffindor: This house is located in Hogwarts. The house is for courageous people. The characters found revolving around this type of house are mischievous.
  • Hufflepuff: Here, the characters are highly skilled, loyal, and kind. They follow a strict pattern of moral conduct.
  • Raven claw: Creative personalities find their comfort zone here. The people are skilled and deal with tedious things.
  • Slytherin: The cunning nature of the people is highlighted here. It conveys a feeling of being ambitious. Intelligent and brave students reside here.

The above houses are not merely houses that protect people from the external forces of nature. Instead, these houses are themselves the forms of nature. Water, Air, Gas, and Fire are the four elements found in nature. These elements are represented through the houses. These houses have a personality like cunning, intelligent, courageous and arrogance.

Every house highlights different characters. The color of the houses is magnificent and, in every house, there is a ghost. The traits and the strengthens of the houses are exceptional and full of fiction. Every house has certain positive and negative aspects. These houses are capable enough to nurture wizards and witches.

To test memory skills, readers love to attempt quizzes based on the appearance, personality, founder, and the color of the houses in Hogwarts.

What is the nature of the harry potter house quiz?

  • The quiz usually contains 21 questions.
  • Every reader can form a team and answer the questions mentioned in the quiz.
  • The marks are not deducted for any wrong answers within the quiz.
  • The question numbers which are multiples of five are starred marked.
  • The starred mark questions help in resolving ties.
  • One can take the help of the quill to mark a star in the answer book.
  • All 6 teams which achieve the top rank are selected in the end.

While attempting the quiz, one cannot take the help of any technological devices or the internet. The quiz usually requires a one-word answer. The participant has to name the character or the required aspect from the mentioned question.

To pass the quiz with flying colors one has to know the minute details of the Harry Potter houses. The geographical location, the color of the house, the name of the ghost, the characters involved, the traits, strengths, and weaknesses of the houses should be known. One can make the use of remembering points while attempting the quiz.

The participant should not constraint towards one aspect of the house. The overall structure and the meaning should be understood and known. What are you waiting for? Attempt the harry potter house quiz now!

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