Why Is It Important To Consider These Factors Before Buying Tandem Kayak?

With summer approaching its heights, you may have seen so many water sports and activities going on, especially with the boats and kayaks. You may have also seen two people taking full advantage of a kayak and having fun while paddling it; well, that’s called a tandem kayak is known as a double kayak. And now you might be thinking that you should try it too sometimes, but there are certain things you need to keep in your mind for your safety and to have utmost fun. And that’s what you’re going to learn today. Given below are the factors that you must consider while choosing a double kayak.

Factors to contemplate while buying a tandem kayak

Here are a few factors you should consider while buying a tandem kayak:

  • The material used in the kayak: The foremost question you need to ask is what is the kayak made of? You need to make sure that the material used in making the kayak is of top-notch quality and is highly durable. Choose the kayaks made from high-density polyethene, which is heavy duty and won’t betray you halfway by tearing down. Also, it is the least expensive, which you can easily afford. Suppose you are okay with the expensive ones. There are more options like fibreglass, which is light in weight but provides high sturdiness; Kevlar, which is indestructible and best in durability among all and thermoform, is sturdy, affordable lightweight, makes it an all-rounder. Observe the handles, paddle bars and composition thoroughly and make sure they are in proper shape.
  • Seating arrangements: Many of us don’t know where to take a seat in the kayak, and by this, we mean the specifications for sitting on the top and sitting in. Let’s break it down for you if you have no idea where to sit within the kayak. If you want to feel comfortable and paddle faster for a longer duration, consider sitting in. Sitting on top is preferable for the fisherman or the large person.
  • Size of the kayak: A standard tandem kayak is estimated around 12 to 13 feet in length. You may find V-shaped kayaks which moves much rapidly and offer great speed by cutting down the water but are not that secure. If you’re going for broad kayaks, know that they are not that steady and are slow going, but they are extremely secure and provides better stability in your journey.
  • Observe the hulls: Going for the flat bottoms with a sharp chimp is wiser as it provides much more stability. The hulls that are round with soft chimp provides less steadiness and are much less stable.
  • The difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical: Keeping in mind the symmetry of the kayak is essential as it will decide how beautifully your kayak will turn. Symmetry gives effectiveness to your kayak and is best for crossing compact streams when compared to asymmetrical kayaks. Asymmetrical ones are much speedier, but their capability to turn around is not that good compared to symmetrical ones.
  • Gear storage is a must: There may be a chance that you want to take some pictures or videos and think of bringing your camera along with you. If you’re not, essentials like smartphones, watches, wallets are basics that you carry everywhere. Ensure your kayak includes a gear storage department where you can store all these non-waterproof things to save yourself from stress and anxiety.
  • Inspection: Finally, check the rigging, seats, bulkheads thoroughly and then make the purchase. Make sure your kayak has an emergency bag for security purpose.

For your safety and your partner’s safety, it is essential to check these factors before buying the tandem kayak. First, check which material is used and how durable is it along with the other parts of the kayak. Second, determine the kayak size along with symmetry as it will determine how effective your kayak is going to be for you. And last but not the least, gear storage is a must if you’re planning on bringing your non-waterproof expensive essentials. Keeping these basic factors in mind will help you get the best kayak and make your journey smooth and much safer.

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