When will my first period come quiz?

Assuming when girls can have their first period is way too tough. Some girls start their periods at the early age of 8 and in several girls’ bodies it can come around when they are 12 to 16 years old. Periods are totally a natural thing and an essential part of the body’s growth in girls. Growth of underarm and public hairs is one of the symptoms that your period is on the way. When girls start to notice the increase in the size of their breasts and after gaining the white discharge of the vagina, it can take about one or hardly two years to start their period. Check this article for more information about when will my first period come quiz.

What exactly periods are?

Unveiling of blood from a particular girl’s uterus, by her vagina. It indicates that she is getting even closer to ending her puberty age.

At what age do most teenage girls experience their first period?

  • The average age of girls getting their first time period is 12. But experiencing it between 10 to 15 years of age is fine as every girl has her own body schedule.
  • According to science, there isn’t any particular right time to get a period.
  • Still, there are a few hints which signify it can start soon.
  • After noticing a growth in her breast size, it’s around 2 years from then she can expect to start her period.
  • One more symptom is the discharge of vaginal fluid that a girl perhaps encounters or feels in her underwear. It takes about 6 to 8 months after this girls are likely to start with their periods.

Main reasons why period happens.

Changes in hormones in a girl’s body are one of the main causes of why the period happens. Female hormones are released by the ovary with progesterone and estragon too. This causes the build-up of the lining of the womb. This lining is prepared for development and to get attached to a fertilized egg. If no fertilized egg is found then the lining is broken which leads to bleeding.  The same procedure happens every month in every girl’s body.

Do periods hit regularly every month?

It might not arrive every month for the first one or two years. In the beginning, it is usual. But after a couple of years of the start of her very first period. It should be looming about after every four to five weeks which is around every month.

How many days do periods long?

Normally around five to six days but the duration can be shorter or even longer.

How frequently do periods happen?

Periods happen around every month. But in some cases period can happen early or sometimes a bit late.

What amount of blood is released?

It might seem as a huge amount of blood, but only a few spoons of blood are lost during her 5 or 6 days period.

Do the periods last whole life?

The answer to this is no, when a girl reaches the age between 45 to 55 the period eventually stops.

What to do to reduce cramps?

  • Most of the girls face cramp issues during their periods. If it’s bothering you,
  • You can wear a heating pad on your stomach.
  • You can take ibuprofen i.e. store brand or aleve or even naproxen.

What to use on periods?

  • Several girls use sanitary pads during their periods. They are usually made up of cotton and also come in various sizes and shapes. They can easily stick to your underwear.
  • Some girls use tampons over pads. Basically, sports girls use it more frequently while swimming or trekking. Generally, the tampon is a plug made of a cotton that girl puts inside her vagina. A tampon lasts about 8 hrs so it is highly recommended to change it after a certain period of time.


So, periods are totally natural and nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Actually, it’s a healthy part of every girl’s life. This should never restrict you to play or enjoy your life.

If anything is bothering you about your period you should feel free to ask about it to your parents, teachers, or doctors.

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