Ways To Learn And Grow With Pop It

Have you heard about the Pop it fidget toy? They have gained such popularity in the present times, that children love playing with them. They prove to be perfect tools for learning and having fun altogether. There are so many ways to use Pop it, either at your home or in a classroom for learning. This article will focus on what a Pop it is and what are the ways in which you can use it for learning.

What is a Pop it? 

Before coming across the ideas, let us know what a Pop it is. It is a fidget toy made of silicone, similar to a reusable bubble wrap. A person can press the bubbles on it, and they tend to pop. It is much quieter when compared to an actual bubble wrap, and proves to be a fun and addictive toy.

Ways to learn with Pop it 

  • Syllable counting

A child can also practice counting various syllables in a word. When he divides words into chunks or parts, he can learn the process of decoding. All that he has to do is say the word and pop up a bubble every time he says a syllable.

  • Sounding out words

A child can sound out words while playing with this toy. He can pop a bubble for every phoneme in a word. For example, M A T.

  • Word awareness

It means the ability of a student to hear words as a united sound. Words are considered the largest units of sounds because of which it is the easiest phonological awareness skill that he can master. For practicing this, a child can speak a sentence and pop out a bubble for every word. This activity proves to be very helpful for children, especially those uffering from weak phonological awareness.

  • Alphabet letters

A child can practice learning the alphabets on this toy. He can sing the alphabet songsong while popping every letter while he speaks.

  • Spelling out words

A child can also practice spelling out words by popping various letters on the toy. He should consider choosing simple words with no double letters. It proves to be a perfect tool to learn when it comes to kindergarteners.

  • Word unscramble 

One child can choose a word and pop the bubbles of that particular word, while the other can look at the letters popped by him and can try to figure out the word chosen by the first child. You should consider using simple words without repetition of letters.

  • Marble game 

To play this game, one child can set a marble on the Pop it’s backside and flip it to have the other child pop off the bubbles until he finds the location of the marble.

  • How fast are you? 

This is a simple game where a child can be timed to see how fast he can pop all the bubbles.

  • Hangman

A child can use the Pop it with alphabets written on it; he can choose a word and the other child can try and guess what word he chose. This is played similar to a regular game of hangman; the only difference here is that once a child guesses a letter, he pops off a bubble of the Pop it toy.

  • Water beads

To play this, water beads are to be placed in the sections of the bubbles on Pop it. This can prove to be a fun sensory play for children.


There is something satisfying about popping off bubbles of a bubble wrap upon receiving a package in the mail. Pop it is a new fidget toy that replicates this experience to keep a person of all ages occupied for several hours while relieving anxiety or stress. Buy this sensory bubble popping toy today and become part of its latest craze and popularity in the market.

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