Options available in desert safari in Dubai

Dubai has wonderful desert safaris, so if you are seeking to enjoy your weekend in Dubai, then you must go for enjoying these desert safaris. There is a number of desert safaris options available, all one needs to do is to select the type of safari you want to enjoy or experience. Here in this article, we will discuss these different types of options starting from camel safari to hot air balloon. All safaris are cored around adventure and thrill, but still, there are numerous more leisure options included in this desert safari option. Below we will discuss some really popular morning desert safari in Dubai.

A desert safari including sand boarding is simply perfect for tourists who are thrilled and adventurous. In this activity, you will travel around the desert on a land cruiser and will truly mesmerize you. This thrilling ride of going up and down on the dunes is truly wonderful. This is really a popular and exciting adventure sport in Dubai. This safari takes the time of almost 3 hours and thus you get enough time to explore the highlights of the city. This sand boarding is accompanied by camel rides offers a classic experience.  On this safari, you can spend a nice and beautiful morning in the Arabian Desert. This picturesque camel riding will truly make your day a special one. You can also have the taste of Arabian coffee, dry fruits, sweets, and a complete breakfast. After enjoying a beautiful day loaded with fun and amusement, you will be moved to your hotel by the company agent.

In order to have more ultimate adventure, you can opt for a hot balloon ride. You will truly have an enchanting experience riding at the balloon. In this safari, the agent will pick you up from the hotel at 4:00 am and with the first morning rays of the sun, you will be in the fresh air in the desert. After enjoying the hot balloon which will be for around 1 hour, you can enjoy your yummy and appetizing breakfast out there in the camp. In the end, you will be taken for the wildlife safari where you can see desert animals.

The next is the overnight safari combined with the morning safari. After enjoying a beautiful night in the desert under the shiny stars, you will have the experience of both the night and morning safari. You will be picked up by the agent from your hotel and here begins your tour of safari. The activities include sand boarding, quad biking, and the sand dune knocking as well. Staying the full night in a beautiful camp, you will wake up in the morning with a magical sunrise. After that, you will enjoy the tasty Arabian-style food, and here ends your package.

A big part of your enjoyment depends on selecting the accommodation. So while selecting these desert safari tours, make sure to keep your accommodation closer to these camps so that you may not feel any difficulty in reaching camps from hotels.

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