Dream interpretation-A spiritual decoding

Dreams have always taken us into mysterious places and situations where we have failed to realize their meaning. The recurring dreams and the persisting ones, the dreams which wake us up giving a shock or heart blow are common. The  تفسير الاحلام by IBN Sherin tells us that these are spiritual codes from God that need to be decoded with the help of spiritual teachers and prophets. Dreams have always been elements that Muslims have always used to regulate.

Do dreams hide inner meanings? According to recent research, it is yes. Dreams reveal the connection between desires and inner wishes. Scholars analyze this in multiple ways. Our dreams persist only for seconds, Bizzare elements, terrifying images, and many other symbols. Scientific studies tell those dreams are a road to the unconscious mind. Sometimes we feel that many ideas are getting represented through a single dream. The repressed ideas are symbolized in the latent content

Whether all dreams are good?

.A good dream comes from Allah and a bad dream comes from satan. Dreams from God will be clear and unmistakably in meaning and content. Dreams from angels are normally in the form of allegories and it requires interpretation. The third type of dream is confusing and futile. The Good dreams  are mainly of two types. There are dreams in which we see certain scenes that happened in the daytime getting repeated. Some other dreams come in the form of symbols

Should we tell the dreams to others?

Never mention your dreams to others who are against you, they may understand your bad times and may act against you. So other than to the scholar or your mentor, never tell anything about this. We normally feel an urge to talk about our dream. Dreams have emotional privacy. So it is not good for the people to relate it theirs. once you see a dream understanding it is important. If it is a bad dream get refuge in Allah. He should spit dryly to his left side three times. He should turn to the other side on which he is sleeping. He should also get up and pray if the dream is too terrible.

What does the repetition of dream mean?

Repetition of the dream guarantees you that the dream is going to be a true one. It can be either the same person seeing the same dream or different people seeing the same one. These dreams may be normally nightmares and they may traumatize you. This needs correct interpretation to understand what is the matter. Normally these dreams are getting lost, losing your teeth, being late, and dreaming of snakes

Daydreams and Night dreams

Are all dreams equal? Dreams of daytime are equal to the dreams of night. Though the interpretations are the same the dreams which we see at night will be flawless and calm. but during the day when we awake, the dreams may get distracted with the other happenings going around.

Actions in dreams

Laughing, falling, repeating the work, marriage, etc have different meanings in dream interpretation. The symbolism of this is derived from Prophet Muhammed, May Allah give him honor and peace. Laughing in a dream symbolizes the arrival of good news and good times. Getting married may tell about the proposals and new beginnings. Falling off from height talks about an impending disaster.

Follow up of dreams

Certain dreams follow us like a story. It happens in episodes where you see the continuation of one dream after few days. Spiritually these dreams are saying from the angels for your well being, Correctly interpreting and following may help you without doubt.

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