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The man who makes it all happen stepped away from his busy world to visit the homes of the Ethiopian children placed with their families in the U.S.  It was an honor for me and my family to spend this last week with Woudneh and West Sands’ adoptive families.  The warm hospitality of Kentucky families felt heavenly and the welcome back celebration in Utah was unforgettable.  There isn’t anything quite like spending time with adoptive families, and hearing their amazing adoption stories of faith and Divine intervention while drinking Ethiopian Coffee, eating homemade cookies, Kentucky Hot Browns and Chess pie (YUMMY!).  Thank you so much to those families who opened their hearts and their homes to us, Lesley with Lifeline Children’s Services who not only hosted us, but also guided and entertained us.  A sincere thank you to Susan Killeen with Hope Rising who is not only a dear friend to Woudneh and West Sands Adoptions, but made it possible for West Sands to know all of these Kentucky Families.

The Families who touched our lives:

Noah (Yameral) – The Scott Family



Yared – The Raley Family













Greer (Nathaneal) – The Sweeney family











Helen & Yared – The Stotts’ Family





Yonas & Yabsira – The Borders’ Family



Chernet, Mulunesh and Woubet – The Rowe Family






Yonas & Yoseph – The Monk Family



Woudneh learned to play the Wii.




McKay (Sude) & Addison (Lidet) – The Wells Family



  Our Kentucky Adventure began at Churchill Downs:




Utah Adventure ended at Zion National Park:







  1. Brooke whitis December 5, 2011 7:09 pm

    Looking so forward to meeting you! I hear wonderful things from the sweeneys and Lesley about you and wsa!

  2. Lara stucki December 6, 2011 1:46 am

    We also enjoyed your visit. We miss you already!

  3. mimi December 7, 2012 1:02 pm

    he misses you too.

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