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The home study is the first place to start. When families try to find a specific child before having a home study done, it is like putting the cart before the horse. Having the home study complete first and foremost puts the family in a position to move to the next step.
It is a required document that must be submitted to USCIS for all Orphan and Hague adoption cases. The main purpose of the home study is to help USCIS determine whether the prospective adoptive parents are suitable and eligible to adopt a child, based on the criteria that have been established by law.
Preparing a Home Study
West Sands Adoptions does home studies in Utah and Nevada. As a Hague Accredited Agency, West Sands Adoptions is well versed in home studies for international and domestic adoption. An adoption home study has to be conducted by someone who is licensed or otherwise authorized to conduct adoption home studies. The prospective family must complete the home study according to State Laws Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations.
Special Needs Children
If you are considering the adoption of a child with a disability or special needs, the home study contains a discussion of the preparation, willingness and ability of the applicant to provide specialized care for a child with a disability or special needs. West Sands Adoptions also requires training for the international placement of a child.
Note: It is always best to address specific special needs to the most serious degree of disability/health condition where possible.
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