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Disclosure of fees used to provide special services: West Sands Adoptions does not currently have any programs in place for providing special services, such as cultural programs for adoptees, scholarships, grant programs or other services which would require the support of adoptive clients or potential clients. All fees collected are used specifically for your adoption services and for orphanage support and maintenance as required by Ethiopian law. Prospective adopting parents in process of adopting through West Sands Adoptions, or contemplating adoption, are not allowed to make donations to the agency, according to West Sands’ donation policy and procedure. However, when you are in process of adopting, your family members and friends can make donations to the agency to apply toward your adoption fees and can receive a receipt for tax purposes as WSA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. After your adoption is finalized if you choose to make a donation to the agency or another adoptive family, West Sands Adoptions will gratefully accept your donation.

Please refer to our Ethiopia Fee Outline for information on current fees specific to Ethiopia, depending on the number of children you plan to adopt.

All fees are subject to change because of unforeseen circumstances. Be aware that West Sands Adoptions is not responsible for the instability of government situations or changing laws which may cause fee changes, failed placements, or suspension of programs. We are committed to keeping abreast of the political and social climates within our foreign programs, which at times change practically overnight. We will keep adopting families informed within 5 working days of any serious change in status to advise them of their options when such situations arise and will accommodate changes as appropriate.

I/We understand that the fee outline we have received is only an approximation or estimate of fees that are currently in place and that those fees can change at any time without warning or reason during the adoption process. I/We understand that West Sands Adoptions cannot be responsible for any adoption disruption, failed placement, or for any kind of fee changes brought about by and not limited to government instability, natural disaster, civil unrest, crooked bureaucracy, cultural differences, or prejudices of any kind.  I/We agree to hold West Sands Adoptions blameless for any changes to their fee schedule.

If at any time during the process, unexpected fees become necessary, West Sands Adoptions is authorized to make payments to cover those fees and bill our account, only if those fee amounts are less than $1000. West Sands Adoptions must contact us to obtain our written consent before making additional fee payments over $1000. West Sands Adoptions will not ask us to waive this notice and consent requirement, but will contact us at any time if unexpected fees over $1000 become necessary for the completion of our adoption. West Sands Adoptions will provide us with written receipts for fees and expenses paid directly by the Agency to the child’s country of origin, and will retain copies of such receipts.

An increasing number of requests now being made by the U.S. Embassy in Addis include a personal interview by the birth parents/relatives/witnesses in addition to DNA testing.  As you know, many of the needy children coming into our care are from desperately poor outlying areas.  Locating birth parents/relatives and physically bringing them to the interviews can be a cumbersome, time consuming, as well as expensive undertaking.  Our Ethiopian staff has graciously been providing transportation, lodging and food expenses for those persons identified by the Embassy for interviews to quickly accommodate these requests.  However, due to these types of requests by the Embassy becoming increasingly common, the additional expenses incurred to satisfy the Orphan investigation will now be the Adoptive Parents responsibility.  These expenses can include such things as: birth parent interviews, medical exams and medical treatments, DNA testing, additional non-typical documents, cost of transportation, birth parent/relative or witness lodging and food expenses.  The average cost for a birthparent interview is $200 USD. DNA tests are approximately $600 USD plus transportation/lodging/food costs.  Again, these expenses are on a case by case basis.  We will keep you updated about your specific case as it is processed by the Embassy.

I/We have read and understand the Statement of Understanding and Obligation and the Fee Outline for International Adoption Programs in their entirety and agree to comply with their conditions. I/We agree to pay our fees in a timely fashion. I/We also understand that in the event of a home study denial prior to start of adoption work that our agency fees (excluding application fee and home study fee if conducted by West Sands Adoptions) are refundable, and will be returned to the family within 60 days after it becomes evident that services will not be provided. I/We understand that other than the aforementioned exclusion, all monies paid to West Sands Adoptions are non-refundable. All other fees paid by adopting families are non-refundable, this includes but is not limited to orphanage or child care expenses, travel fees, foreign fees, legal fees, US Immigration fees, or any other fees paid to other adoption professionals in connection with an adoption placement.

I/We understand that West Sands Adoptions cannot guarantee a placement with a specific child in a predetermined amount of time or within a predetermined budget.


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