For years, families have adopted baby girls from China. You may have heard that adoption from China takes over 8 years and this is true for healthy infant adoptions but families who are willing to adopt an older child or a child with medical needs such as cleft lip/palate, club foot, vision impairments, heart conditions or developmental delays can have a relatively short wait, with adoptions being completed in as little as a year from start to finish. What many families do not know is that there are currently more boys with medical needs available for adoption in China than girls. For so long, the idea has been to adopt girls who were unwanted in China because of a social preference for boys. That social preference is changing as more Chinese families are either allowed to keep more than one child, or as baby girls in China are being adopted by their foster families. However, boys with medical needs seem to be prevalent on China’s Waiting Child list, and are being sent to orphanages in greater numbers. Because many families still want to adopt girls from China, it can be harder to find homes for boys who are waiting for adoption. Please view this video from Love Without Boundaries about the need for adoptive families for boys CLICK HERE.

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