Ethiopia’s Orphans

Beautiful children in need of a family have filled the orphanages in Ethiopia through no fault of their own. We currently advocate for five Ethiopian children who are deemed available for adoption.

For more information about our current waiting children from Ethiopia call us at (435)986-1617 today or email us at

As of July 29, 2016 we advocate for five waiting children from Ethiopia- 4 boys and 1 girl. It would be such a blessing to assist each and every child in joining together with their forever family. Through no fault of their own, they wait every day in an institution for their parents to come and take them home. They are waiting for their future. An institution is not the place that children should live in. Childhood is a time to bond, learn to socialize, and grow physically and intellectually. These beautiful children need a family and their family needs them. Call us today for more information.

These children are among the 5 million orphans we are called to serve. Although we continue to serve adoptive families who are interested in adopting young and infant children from Ethiopia, West Sands Adoptions is committed to serving the children currently WAITING for a family. We encourage all adoptive families to consider the greater need, which is orphaned children available now for adoption, rather than waiting for a new child to become orphaned.

West Sands Adoptions has a wonderful following of adoptive families who wish to adopt an infant child from Ethiopia. It is a joy and honor serving so many families who have put their faith and trust into West Sands Adoptions, and the international adoption process. In addition to serving these amazing families, West Sands Adoptions has pledged to advocate first and foremost for the children currently waiting; who are in immediate need of a family.

We love serving so many infant children, but that is not enough. What about all the children waiting in orphanages? The clock is ticking for these children to receive a family. West Sands Adoptions has made a commitment to advocate for the orphan children living and waiting in orphanages, that our greatest efforts will be focused on finding their families. West Sands Adoptions has made a pledge to the orphanages we partner with, that we will advocate more than ever for their orphaned children who are eligible for adoption and in need of a family. We have asked these orphanages to get the waiting children’s adoption documents ready, allowing us to advocate for more and more children who are in need right now. These waiting children are generally children over seven (7) years of age, sibling groups, and HIV+ children.

We will absolutely continue to do all that we can in country to receive infant referrals. Current adoptive families desiring to adopt healthy infants have no reason to be concerned about changes in their process. Moving forward, we feel strongly that placing families on a wait list (upwards of 24 months) for healthy infants is not fulfilling the great need, caring for the orphaned children in Ethiopia. For this reason we are thrilled to share our new focus with you, one reason being we need to enlist your help. Together we can spread the news about waiting children, and advocate for Ethiopia’s orphan children. In the past we have posted information about available waiting children on Facebook, and a list of available children is sent to all adoptive families monthly. Most of these children are matched with adoptive families who open their hearts, and change their original plans to adopt a younger child. Starting now, you will see more waiting children posts as we have committed to the orphanages, the children, and the Lord, that we will care for these orphans by finding them families.

To further assist our efforts in finding families for waiting orphans, West Sands Adoptions will now be offering a Dual Process Program. This program will serve any family who wishes to adopt a waiting child, while they wait for an infant referral. Families interested in pursuing 2 adoptions simultaneously, can remain in line for an infant referral, while being matched to a waiting child. In other words your family can be on two lists at once. We will continue to require 6 months between placement, and the second referral. For more information about the cost and details of this new Dual Process Program contact your case worker.

As we continue to serve our families and help find homes for infant and toddler children, we ask adoptive family’s to consider and pray about adopting an older child, siblings, or a child with Special Needs. We also ask that you pray for these waiting children and for those who can make adoption possible for them. Together we can advocate for, and assist these orphaned children in being united with a family of their own. If your family has questions about adopting a waiting child, such as children over seven (7) years of age, sibling groups and/or HIV+ children, please let us know.

We invite you to watch the following video, and read our message below. If you would like more information about adopting a waiting child, please contact us at  (if the video is not below, please refresh your browser)

We thank you for being a part of our family, and our Ethiopia Adoption Program.

West Sands Adoptions
Ethiopia Program Team


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