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Healthy baby

CONGRATULATIONS! You have adopted a child- now it is time to make sure that you help your child have a healthy future.

Children who are adopted internationally are at risk for diseases related to their living conditions. It is important for your child to have a complete medical examination soon after arriving in the United States. You may choose to use your family pediatrician or a doctor specialized in adoption medicine.

If you adopt a special needs child, there may be the necessity of having your child cared for by one or more specialists. A great place to start is the primary healthcare medical visit and then you can go from there.

To prepare for the first medical visit, make sure you bring all of the child’s medical records with you. You will need to communicate all pertinent medical history with your child’s doctor. Additionally, it is important to review immunization records. Most vaccines may need to be repeated in case the vaccines were incorrectly stored. Your child’s doctor may order blood testing to determine what immunity your child has, and vaccinate as needed.

Order the recommended tests. This may include testing for anemia and lead; developmental, vision and hearing screening; dental and mental health examination. You will be ensuring that this journey with your child will be a healthy one by working closely with his/ her doctor.

Enjoy your new child! And again, best wishes for a healthy and happy future together.




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