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China Center for Adoption Affairs
U.S. Embassy in Guangzhou, China – Adoption Unit

China Embassy/Consulates in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. Embassy
Houston Consulate
New York Consulate
San Francisco Consulate
Los Angeles Consulate
Chicago Consulate

Recommended Courier (For the authentications and visas)

Caring Hands (Washington, D.C.)

Love Without Boundaries
Half the Sky
Jolie Foundation
Homeland Children’s Foundation

Families with Children from China

Main FCC page
Find your local FCC

Yahoo Groups

Adoptive Parents China
Find Your Child’s Orphanage group
Find your DTC e-mail group or website


What does DTC or LID mean (and other abbrev.)?
Chinese growth charts (boys and girls)
Health and Medical Information

Adoption-related Shopping

China Sprout
Adopt Shoppe
Adoption – A Gift of Love
Chinese for the Adoptive Parent
At your request, West Sands Adoptions will gladly make available the following information: (a) the number of our adoption placements per year for the prior three calendar years, and the number and percentage of those placements that remain intact, are disrupted, or have been dissolved as of the time the information is provided; and (b) the number of parents who apply to adopt on a yearly basis, based on the last three calendar years. West Sands Adoptions places “Waiting Children” through China’s program of adoption for special needs and waiting children. However, we do not have our own list of waiting children at this time. Parents who apply for adoption through programs with West Sands Adoptions will not be referred a child for placement until a child becomes available through the appropriate Central Authority in the child’s country of origin.


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