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Henry from Taiwan

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chien-wei face covered photoHenry  is a 3 year old healthy boy from Taiwan. Henry’s mother suffers from mental delays and her whereabouts are currently unknown. Henry was born prematurely but has no indication of any significant delays or special needs. Henry has two older half sisters one has been adopted and is living in Canada with her family and the other passed away during infancy before Henry was born. Henry was admitted into orphanage care in February 2013 and was placed with his current foster family in November 2014. He has a good relationship with his foster family and his foster mom describes him as gentle and sweet. Henry loves to get close and hug his foster family members. Reports indicate that he is growing, healthy and happy, his overall development including fine motor skills are on target but he does have slight language delays. Henry is a kindergarten student who does well in group activities, he loves to share and play with his friends. Henry has a fascination and love for cars. This sweet and gentle boy’s forever family is out there! We need your help in finding him. Please help by sharing this post! We have a full profile, video and many photos to share with interested families. Contact us with any questions at 435-986-1617 or at

Taiwan Waiting Children

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Click here to visit our PASSWORD PROTECTED page for a list of photos and the current waiting children from Taiwan. We will update the page frequently so check in often for updates and the current list. Email for password.

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Volunteer opportunity in Taiwan

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West Sands Adoptions is excited to announce the 2016 Taiwan Culture Camp! We want to invite you and anyone interested to come and experience Taiwan this summer. This opportunity is available to all individuals interested in giving back. This camp is an opportunity for the waiting children of Taiwan to learn about American culture as they wait to be matched or united with their adoptive families in the USA. You will have the opportunity to play games and share our American culture with some amazing kiddos. You do not need to be involved in adoption, enrolled in a program or planning to adopt to participate. This is a wonderful opportunity for children and adults from the USA to have a cultural experience in the beautiful country of Taiwan while sharing some of our culture and traditions with children who will one day be in the USA with their forever families. Please contact us if you are interested and help spread the word. We need volunteers for this trip!


The itinerary for this trip is as follows

(subject to change)
First day: Volunteers will meet with our in-country coordinator Sally at the Taipei train station and take the train to Tainan city together. Upon arrival in Tainan the group will make a visit to the orpahanage in the morning, and meet and interact with the waiting children. From the orphanage the group will head to the summer camp location in the afternoon. The orphanage is planning to hold the summer camp in a resort, and maybe 1 or 2 children will be assigned to each family for the event, assigned children will be staying in the same cabin with the volunteer’s family at night (which is why families must pass background and CAN checks or have a current home study).

Second day: More children (children that have been matched)  will come to join the activities and games during the day. We will plan a series of activities and games for the day. We are hoping each family can host one or two games, sharing American culture with the children. Activities are still being planned and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for game and activities you would like to share. (See photos and activities from the orphanage’s 2013 culture camp below)

Third day: Volunteers will spend some time and interact with the children in the morning, eat lunch together and bring the camp to a close. We will arrange a half day tour for volunteers, so you will have a chance to see some historic attractions in Tainan city. Sally will take the group back to Taipei city that night.


Call 435-986-1617 or email for more information.TW culture camp flyer new

















Looking for family adoption journey videos for our site.

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We are looking for your written adoption stories and videos to share on our website! Please email if you would be willing to share yours.


USAID Announces nearly $128 Million in Additional Humanitarian Aid to Ethiopia

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P1350222Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 13, 2016 –

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced today nearly $128 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help the people of Ethiopia face the impacts of the worst drought in fifty years.

 Triggered by El Niño, the drought follows successive poor rainy seasons and now exceeds many people’s ability to cope. Today’s announcement will provide vital humanitarian aid including relief food assistance, safe drinking water, nutrition services, and mobile health teams to help address the needs stemming from the drought. In addition, it will also help people by providing seeds for food production during the upcoming rains.

 Acting Assistant Administrator for the Bureau of Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Affairs Thomas H. Staal announced the new funding in Ethiopia alongside Commissioner Mitiku Kassa—a tireless partner from Ethiopia’s National Disaster Risk Management Commission. In his remarks, Mr. Staal said, “This new funding underscores the United States’ commitment to working with Ethiopia to prevent this drought from becoming a humanitarian catastrophe.”

 With this announcement, the United States has provided nearly $705 million in humanitarian assistance since October 2014, and continues to be the largest humanitarian donor to Ethiopia. The U.S. commends the other donors who have contributed generously to the drought response, and encourages others to join this international effort to address the drought’s impacts and also protect hard-earned development gains.


article copied from: photos from US Embassy Ethiopia Facebook page