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Ethiopia Program April Update

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Dear Families and Friends

April is here! We hope you’re seeing some warmer weather and enjoying a nice spring season. We know the past few months have been trying with very little activity for many of you in the Ethiopia adoption process. We have been working in-country on relicensing over the past months, and have already submitted all the required documentation to Charities and Societies office. We anticipate it could be another month or so before their office starts issuing new licenses as they will issue all NGO licenses at the same time and we know that they are still working on site visits this month.

Adoption workings have been very slow over the past months. One of the biggest reasons adoption has slowed is because of the current drought in Ethiopia. This drought is the worst drought in Ethiopia’s history. It is estimated over 10 million people in Ethiopia will suffer from famine, millions are already suffering in rural areas, urbanized areas (where many of our partnering orphanage homes are located) are seeing increased cost for food. This has made life very difficult for citizens and presented the government with new challenges. With so much needed focus and funding directed to the needs of the Ethiopian people, adoptions have been placed at a lower priority level than they were even last year. The need for families for children is still there and with the devastation that lies ahead because of the drought, the need for families will not diminish.

Last month 3 families brought their children home! It has been encouraging to see the waiting child list decrease so much over the past 2 months. We are currently advocating and are in need of you help to find the families of the following children. Please don’t hesitate to contact your case worker with questions about these children even if they are outside of your approval parameters. If you have friends who are not currently enrolled in the program (with or without homestudy) but are interested in learning more about these waiting children please have them contact Clare at


  • Toddler Male (9SEP2013) – Hydrocephalus
  • Older Male (20OCT2004) – Healthy
  • Older Female (29JAN2006) – Epilepsy, Foot Ulcers & past Skin Disease
  • Toddler Male (1SEP2013) – Autism Spectrum


As always we’d like to take the time to remind you that your I-171H and fingerprints must be current in order to accept a referral. For those who are matched you must remember to keep your fingerprints current throughout the time your child comes home. If you need help, instruction, or are not sure when your fingerprints or I-171H form expire please contact your caseworker right away. Updates should be initiated 3-2 months prior to expiration; matched families should do this at 3 months prior to expiration to avoid delays.  We hope you have a wonderful April, please contact your case worker if you have questions.



West Sands Adoptions


Support a School in Ethiopia

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West Sands Adoptions is looking for donors to help support The West Sands Primary School in Adama, Ethiopia. The School in Adama gives an opportunity for education to children who would normally not have the privilege of going to school, including children who live in orphanage care. In a country where the literacy rate is estimated below 50% there is a great need for privately funded schools.

The monthly cost to operate the school for 2016 will be $1,500 per month. We are looking for donations of any amount but hope to find donors who can commit to at least one month.

West Sands Adoptions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your generous donation will be recognized with a thank you letter that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes. Donations can be sent to the West Sands Office at 1240 East 100 South #1, St. George, UT 84790 or paid vial PayPal using the button below


By donating to this cause you are helping ensure a brighter future for over 350 needy children in Ethiopia! Thank you for your support, please share!




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