Special Vistor from Ethiopia

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IMG_8546West Sands Adoptions had the special opportunity to host Sister Asayech from Ethiopia on Monday November 16th. Sister Asayech is a mother of 3, an adoptive parent, an advocate for women and vulnerable children and the Director of one of our partnering orphanages. Sister Asayech has a heart for the less fortunate and in 2007 her dreams of serving those in need took a new turn. For years Sister Asayech had been providing support to vulnerable women and orphaned children out of her own pocket. In 2007 she received certification and licensing through the Ministry of Justice and took her mission to the next level.  Through the programs Sister Asayech started thousands have been given an opportunity and empowerment to lead sustainable and prosperous lives. Sister Asayech is not only the Director of an Orphanage but a true leader in advocacy. Her mission is to exert the utmost efforts to create lasting positive changes for women and children in need in Ethiopia; she aspires to see the children and women of Ethiopia leading prosperous lives. Her goal is to enable the disadvantaged and disfranchised women and children in Ethiopia to lead dignified lives by addressing their multifarious needs (socio-economic and health) through institutional care and support services as well as community based empowerment initiatives. Sister Asayech’s five year plan of intervention includes education of vulnerable and orphaned children and women, counseling support, health and nutrition access and education, improvement of early childhood development, livelihood support and vocational training for older vulnerable children and disadvantaged women, providing local community access to social infrastructure (kitchen, toilets, etc.) and agricultural irrigation schemes, and promoting domestic and international adoption as an alternative for orphaned children.

In regards to international adoption Sister Asayech is very supportive, striving to create local awareness and acceptance of this alternative for children in need. Each child’s case is independently investigated by her organization outside of the standard governmental investigation which makes West Sands proud to partner with her organization. During her visit she shared with us photos and brief descriptions of dozens of children who are in need of sponsorship for medical expenses and education. We noticed some of these children were aged 20 or more. When we asked how long children remain in her care she said “They are family, we are their family, and this is their home”.  We are currently working with Sister Asayech to help find sponsors for over 40 children in her care. Most of these children have special needs or are older children. For as little as $30 per month you can co-sponsor a child in need. More information on this coming soon!

It was a great honor to meet Sister Asayech and to have her kind and loving spirit in our office Monday. The concern in her heart is apparent by her expressions and actions. She is a true visionary and leader in creating sustainable solutions for vulnerable and orphaned children and women in Ethiopia.

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Celebrating Families Through Adoption 2015

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20151114_123601Each year we team up with other local adoption agencies and Utah Foster Care Foundation to celebrate families whose lives have been touched by adoption. This year we worked with Premier Adoption and Utah Foster Care foundation. We had over 20 local businesses come out to support our event. Each business was invited because the service or products they offer can benefit and be a resource for our local families. Our goal each year is to have a fun day to celebrate adoptees and birth parents. We also aim to create awareness in our community about the need for adoptive and foster families. We had a great time this year! We made the front page of our local newspaper The Spectrum and also St. George News put together a video and wrote up an article online. Check these out hot off the press here:

ST. GEORGE NEWS (this one has a video)

ST. GEORGE NEWS (published prior to the event)