Ethiopia Program is OPEN

14. July, 2015UncategorizedNo comments

photoAll signs say OPEN!  West Sands’ Ethiopia Adoption Program is in full swing again.  We prayed for open doors and ethical partnerships in order to keep serving our adoptive families, and the children who are truly orphaned and in need of a forever loving family. We have prayed over the children who need us, the families who have trusted in us, and the team in Ethiopia that works 6 days a week sun-up to sun-down. Because so many of us cared about this program, and because many stepped up to see it through.  The support that keeps us going is from Utah to Ethiopia, from Heaven to Earth, and our program is strong and it is OPEN.

Last year the Ethiopia Government revised the adoption process in country resulting in a major slow down of referrals. Thankfully those changes have resulted in a new and improved adoption program.  We have received approvals in all steps of the process. The U.S. Government has pre-approved each case we have submitted, the Ethiopia Federal Court and MOWCYA are also approving cases and adoptive families are traveling to finalizing their adoptions in country.  All steps and stages are open and positive.
Several agencies working in other areas of the country were forced to close their Ethiopia Adoption Program.  Only a few agencies now remain open, and West Sands Adoptions is one.  We are grateful for the roots we have in areas of Ethiopia that have remained open for adoption. We can now anticipate less then a 2 year wait for a healthy child under 2.  We need new families to start now working on their home study, and dossier in order to be sure we have families ready.  We need families open to adopting children of all ages and health needs.  We also need families specifically approved for a child with HIV, and for older children sibling groups.
West Sands Adoptions is currently opening the Ethiopia program at this time for 50 new families. If you are interested in learning more about our program, please contact our office for a consultation.