Rumors of Ethiopia Adoption Program Closure

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This post is a follow up on the recent rumor circulating which indicates that adoption from Ethiopia will close in 10 days.  We have verified with several sources in Ethiopia and have found no indication of plans to stop international adoption.  We understand that a committee did meet on Friday to discuss several issues and topics involving improving human rights in Ethiopia.  We have been told that several topics were discussed including; teen pregnancy, poverty, orphaned children, awareness of local adoption, and improvements needed with international adoption.  The possibility of stopping international adoption was also discussed during this meeting, which may be the excerpt quoted in AllAfrica’s recent article. The committee discussed ways to promote local adoption as a means to assist the orphaned children of Ethiopia.  This committee plans to provide an action plan to Parliament in 10 days. This action plan will propose ways to improve human rights in these areas. West Sands supports Ethiopia’s efforts to improve human rights and promote local adoption. At this time we have no reason to believe that these improvements would result in the closure of international adoptions. We have also verified with Federal MOWCYA that they have no intention to stop approving cases, and were unaware of the rumor circulating about a closure to international adoption.


We want to extend our thanks to all those who offered prayers and support over the weekend. It is so amazing to see the adoption community come together with love and support in tough times. We encourage those of you who are on Facebook to join West Sands’ Facebook group: West Sands Adoptions Ethiopia Adoption Group for updates, information, and support on similar topics. 

Ethiopia Program December Update

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