West Sands Adoptions Receives Hague Re-Accreditation

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Today, February 28th, 2013, we have been notified from the COA that West Sands Adoptions has received Hague Re-Accreditation.  We are so pleased to make this announce, and feel that it is a reflection of our hard work and efforts.   Hague Accreditation is not easy to obtain.  West Sands’ Board of Directors, Agency Directors, and Staff  Members have been committed to the Policies and Standards required by the COA to receive this accreditation.  West Sands Adoptions will continue to serve Orphan Children in China and Ethiopia, and adoptive families across the United States.  We thank The Lord again for this blessing, and pledge to continue our good works in His name. 





Kent Parke

Executive Director

West Sands Adoption

1240 East 100 South #1

St. George, UT 84790


Dear Mr. Parke:


I am extremely pleased to notify you that in accordance with 22 CFR 96.58 (c), the Council on Accreditation (COA) has granted West Sands Adoption’s Renewal application for Hague Accreditation. Your achievement of Renewal Hague Accreditation demonstrates your commitment to the children and families you serve both here and abroad.


A formal notification letter, certificate and sample press release will be mailed to you within 4 weeks specifying the length of your Hague Accreditation and your expiration date. As you share this news with your stakeholders, please remember to clearly state that you have Hague Accreditation from COA (COA accredited is a designation reserved for agencies that are voluntarily accredited through COA).


On behalf of COA’s staff and volunteers, congratulations on your achievement!







Richard Klarberg

President & CEO



West Sands Adoptions Receives Ethiopia License

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West Sands Adoptions is pleased to announce that today the Ethiopian Government has re-issued our License for Adoption and Humanitarian Projects. We are so grateful to The Lord for allowing us to continue his work in this beautiful country. Many thanks to Woudneh Mulugeta for the AMAZING programs he has created in Ethiopia. We will continue to move forward serving the children of Ethiopia with our school projects, and through the placement of orphan children with forever families. Hallelujah!!!!

For the Families Affected by the Agency Closures

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West Sands Adoptions is saddened by the agency closures of Christian World Adoptions and Dove Adoptions. Our hearts go out to their directors, board, and staff, and may they find peace during this time of transition. To be involved with orphaned children, in any capacity, is a life changing endeavor. Both Christian World Adoptions and Dove Adoptions have served many of Ethiopia’s children, and have provided exemplary placement services to adoptive families. We pray for those affiliated with those agencies, and hope that their next calling finds them soon.

We also pray for the adoptive families who have been affected by these closures, and ask that others pray for them too. Together we have a community of adoptive families that can support and encourage them during this difficult time. We ask that in addition to sending your love and prayers that you also reach out to these families to show them the adoption network that has been created. West Sands Adoptions is also willing and committed to assist these families in any way possible during this phase of their adoption journey.

Foster Care Fee Notice

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Dear Families,

Once you travel to meet your child, and give consent to adopt, your child’s care is no longer the orphanage’s responsibility.  At that time children are taken to our transition home while documents are being prepared for Embassy appointments and Visa interviews.   Beginning from the time you travel for your first trip through the time you travel to receive your child, your child will receive exceptional care at our transitional home.As you know West Sands Adoptions has had exceptional program success in Ethiopia.  Our program continues to grow larger and larger every day.  We work hard to maintain our reputation for facilitating an enjoyable experience in-country and overall.  One of our efforts includes maintaining a Guest House and Transitional Home, all on the same property.

Normally your child would stay in a facility within driving distance of the Guest House you were staying at.  Our goal when we started West Sands Adoptions’ Guest House was to offer a place for adoptive families to stay where they could be close to their child.  The West Sands Adoptions’ Guest House & Transition Home grounds are phenomenal!  Since we were able to find a building that would accommodate it all, at the West Sands Guest House you can simply walk across the yard to see your child.  This allows you to spend more time with your child during your stay in-country; assists your child with an easier transition between your two trips, and helps you and your child to bond in an environment that is safe and familiar to your child.  No other agencies are offering this kind of accommodation.

In order to maintain our in-country services an additional fee had to be incorporated to help cover the costs of caring for so many children.  Though we work very hard on keeping family fees as low as possible, it is crucial for the longevity of this program that we evaluate the costs associated with our foreign program.  Therefore, effective immediately all new referrals will be required to pay a Foster Care fee of $750 per child.  This helps us to provide food, shelter, and staff to care for your child as they wait to come home. We have a phenomenal staff in-country and require background checks and references for all staff members.  This fee will be billed at the time of referral acceptance, and will be due by the time your travel for your second trip.  You can pay this fee at once, or you can make installment payments as long as it is paid before your second trip.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to maintain one of the best Ethiopia Adoption programs available.




West Sands Adoptions