Ethiopian Delegate’s Visit West Sands Adoptions

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Three Ethiopian Government officials, spent 3 days with our Agency staff and adoptive families.  It was an honor and privilege to host our foreign friends from Ethiopia in Utah and Nevada.   This was an opportunity for us to show them who we are, what we stand for, and our vision of the future.  It is our greatest hope that our new friends will think of West Sands Adoptions, and our amazing adoptive families, when they think of adoptive families from the U.S.A.  We would like to thank all of those who helped with this visit, including the families who let us visit their home, and the many waiting families who have been so patient.  Thanks for all the prayers for our agency and for our traveling friends.

We are optimistic that license renewals will be quick, and that our program will continue to sore.  Thank you for being the biggest part of our mission!

License Renewal

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Dear Ethiopia Adoptive Parents,

Currently ALL agencies and orphanages are in the process of licence renewal. Ethiopia licenses are valid for 2 years.  We have received multiple emails from concerned families wondering if this will affect their adoption process.   This will only affect new families receive a referral right now in the renewal process.  If it will affect YOUR case we will notify you.  One orphanage that we work with is waiting for license renewal which has delayed filing THOSE cases at court.  Those families have been notified.  Other than that there is no reason for concern, and this will NOT affect any other cases.  Thank you!

Ethiopian Government Visits U.S. Agencies

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Dear Ethiopia Adoptive Families, 

Currently all adoption agencies licensed in Ethiopia have the honor, privilege, and great responsibility of hosting Ethiopian Government Officials in our states as part of MOWYCA’s tour of U.S. Adoption Agencies, and post placement families.  The group of Officials are currently touring adoption agencies on the West Coast, and will be visiting our Agency in Nevada and Utah next week.  We are thrilled to have this opportunity to show them our agency’s amazing team, and adoptive families.  Woudneh Mulugeta, West Sands Ethiopia Director, will be guiding them to the U.S. for their visit to our Agency.  During the remainder of this week, and throughout next week it will be difficult for our agency to provide as many updates as we know you would prefer.  We want to assure you that although we will be busy hosting our foreign friends, our remaining 43 staff members in Ethiopia will continue working on your case in Ethiopia.  There will not be a stop in the work process in Ethiopia, and everything will continue as usual.  However, it will be more difficult for us to provide you with requested updates at this time.  Therefore, we ask for your support and patience as we meet the needs of the officials who allow us to provide forever families for so many orphan children.  You thoughts and prayers for this group are very greatly appreciated, as they will be traveling away from their home and their families during Ethiopian Christmas in an effort to provide a continued future for Ethiopian adoptions to American families.


Also, rest assured there is no reason for concern regarding this trip.  It is a routine process for all agencies licensed in Ethiopia, and allows for direct and open communication between agencies and the Ethiopian Government.


Thank you for your support and understanding!

Adoption Tax Credit Is Continued

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The bill to avert the fiscal cliff, which was signed on January 2, made the adoption tax credit permanent, extending the credit as it was in the 2001 Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act. The adoption credit is not refundable for 2012 and beyond, which means that only those individuals with tax liability will benefit.

The credit will remain flat for special needs adoptions, which means that people who adopt children who are determined to be special needs (or hard to place) by a state or county child welfare agency can claim the maximum credit regardless of their expenses.

We cannot yet confirm the maximum amount of the credit for 2013, but it will be at least $10,000 (but might be higher due to adjustments for inflation).

We’ll provide additional details as they become available.