Filing at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Attention Ethiopia Adoptive Families:  The U.S. Embassy informed us this morning that they will not allow any exceptions to filling cases prior to receiving medical clearance slips.  This particularly pertains to families with HIV+ children, and children with special needs.  The U.S. Embassy can not expedite any cases due to HIV or TB Testing for your child.  They will not allow us to file your child’s I-600 at the U.S. Embassy until your child has received medical clearance from the approved Medical Clinic.  The  medical immigration approval process is taking approximately 4-8 weeks.  HIV+ children will require a PCR test which takes  30 days to receive test results.  The primary purpose for this medical exam is to screen for active TB, verify the child’s age, current health status, and the child’s ability to travel.   Please prepare yourself for this step in the process, and trust that we are doing all we can to get your child home as soon as possible.  Our staff is working diligently bringing children back and forth to the clinic for testing, medication, and re-testing.  Once we receive your child’s medical clearance, we will file your I-600 at the U.S. Embassy the following Wednesday.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!

 For more information on submitting a case to the U.S. Embassy Click Here.

December 11th Ethiopia Adoption Notices

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Hi Families,

The following Notices were posted to the Department of State’s Website ( on Decemeber 11th. We share these with you so you can stay informed about the current events in country.

Please remember when reading these posts they are specific to the entities or agencies mentioned and do not affect or involve West Sands Adoptions.

Notice: Status of EthioStork International Social Service Consultants

The Ethiopian Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth Affairs requested the Department of State provide clarification to U.S. families on the licensing of the organization, EthioStork International Social Service Consultants.  The Ministry informed the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa that the organization EthioStork is not licensed to facilitate intercountry adoption by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Charities and Societies Agency.  The organization is licensed to provide consultancy services by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and social affairs counseling services by the Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industrial Development Bureau.

For additional information on agencies licensed in Ethiopia to provide services related to intercountry adoption, please refer to the List of Adoption Agencies Registered in Ethiopia on the website of Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington, D.C..

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Notice: Re-instatement of Services to U.S. Adoption Service Provider

On November 9, the Department of State posted a notice regarding the Ethiopian Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth Affairs’ temporary suspension of services to International Adoption Guides effective September 12, 2012.

On December 4, the Ministry informed the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa that as of November 30, 2012, it lifted the temporary suspension on services provided to International Adoption Guides.

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