Rumors about MOWA Changing Orphan Definitions

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Some of you may have heard rumors on Yahoo Groups or other internet groups, that MOWA no longer allows Orphans with 2 living parents to be adopted.  This is only a rumor.  MOWA held a meeting with another group who would like to make these changes to the current policy.  However, these issues were only discussed and there has been no official changes.   In order for this change to be made,  the Ethiopian Law that defines an orphan would need to be changed or amended.  This would be a big process to change.  The Ethiopian Government feels that if a child has 2 living parents who can’t care for the child, the child still has the “right to live”.   These type of issues are always debated by different groups who don’t feel the same.  We ask you to not participate in the rumors spread on these groups, it only causes stress and heart ache to adoptive families.  The groups are designed to offer support and resources to other Adoptive Families.  If there are any real changes to the program, we will notify you at once.  Thank you for your support in this matter.

Utah – Chinese New Year’s Party

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Attention: China Adoptive Families in Utah

One of our China Adoptive Families is having a Chinese New Year Party and would like to extend an invitation to your family.  See the details below:

When: Friday February 4th, 2011, 6:00 p.m
1250 East 200 South in Pleasant Grove.
(As you head up 200 South, there are several churches. This is the second (and older) church after you cross the canal.  This is the church we usually meet in, though we didn’t meet here last year)


Potluck Dinner –Bring Chinese Food for 8-10 people, homemade or takeout
We’ll provide: White Rice, Paper Products, Drinks & Dessert
Wear Chinese Traditional Clothing if you’d like
We’ll have a place set up where you can take pictures of your family.  BRING YOUR OWN CAMERA!

¨      Various Chinese Cultural Crafts
¨      Dragon Parade
¨      Fireworks (Bring a warm coat for when we go outside at the end)
¨      Regardless of where you are in the process, or whether you live in Utah Valley or not, COME! All are welcome!  I know there are families who are not on this Yahoo group, so PLEASE spread the word.  Please especially invite families who might have recently adopted a Chinese child, or will soon be adopting a child.
¨      We do need a rough count so we can buy supplies for crafts, the parade and paper products etc…Please email Cyndie or hit “reply to sender” to this message and let me know how many in your family will be coming.  Also if you could let us know if you can help in some way. The last few years we’ve had about 100 people attend, so it’s a pretty big party to pull off, and we could use some help.
¨      $20 DONATION per family (or $5 per individual) to cover the cost of paper products, crafts, fireworks and cake


Please let Anne or Cyndie know if you can help in some way.
Cyndie Dobson 768-2204  Cell 372-8008
Anne Shumway 785-7630 Cell 380-3722


p.s. Kim Brown has been working with the BYU Dance department to try and get a Chinese Dance student to come and teach the ribbon dance to our daughters.  There would be 2-3 practices on Saturday mornings and then the girls would perform the night of the party.  We’ll hopefully have more information in the next couple of days.