US Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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The Us Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia requires all Adoption Agencies to submit the following documents for every case awaiting final approval and a US Embassy Interview:

Cases of Relinquishment

1. Petition from the relinquishing parents showing their will and reason for relinquishment.

2. The Kebele and/or Woreda court decision regarding the relinquishment. The Court decision should include statements and signatures of all the witnesses.

3. The local documents should include the name of child, name of parents, name of relinquishing person and so forth.

4. If a parent is deceased, death certificates or evidence from local authorities confirming the death.

5. In cases when one or both of the biological parents have serious medical problems – a medical report of the parents is required.

6. Any correspondence between concerned authorities regarding the relinquishment of a given child.

7. Orphanage-provided life history forms of the children.

Cases of Disappearance of One Biological Parent (in addition to relinquishment documents)

8. Police records showing that the parent could not be found.

Cases of Abandonment

9. Police Report regarding the case

10. Orphanage-provided life history forms of the children.


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West Sands Adoptions urges all China Adoptive families to attend Heart of the Matter’s new China Specific Webinar. The cost of this online training is only $35 and provides cultural specific information for all China Adoptive Families. Follow the following link for more information:

Heart of the Matter Adopting From China Course

Transitional Care Home – Grand Opening

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West Sands Adoptions is pleased to announce the opening of our new transitional home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The transitional home celebrated its grand opening on November 8th with decorations, streamers and cake. West Sands’ new transitional home will house children who are being adopted, and who have been moved out of their orphanage pending a court hearing and final adoption approval. Housing the children during this important transitional period will allow better care of the children with a lower caregiver-to-child ratio, less chance of being exposed to infections or disease, and closer access to medical care for children who do have medical needs. Caregivers in the transitional home are trained to prepare the children for their upcoming adoptions. West Sands staff at the new transitional home includes tutors who work with the children to learn English, two nurses, nannies for round-the-clock care, maids, cooks and guards. Because international adoption is not always viewed favorably by Ethiopian citizens, US adoptive families must be careful about public appearances with potential adoptive children in Ethiopia. To help alleviate this situation, West Sands’ transitional facility also includes accommodations for adoptive families where they may stay with their children and avoid the public spotlight when they travel to Ethiopia. West Sands is pleased with the care our Ethiopia staff provides both to children and their adoptive families.