Great News for Adoptive Parents

19. November, 2010UncategorizedNo comments

Good news for potential adoptive parents and for waiting children around the world. The US Congress has passed the Adoption Simplification Act, which eliminates the requirement for vaccinations in-country before the child enters the US. Until now, children adopted in Hague cases have been required to receive vaccinations before coming to the US. In some cases, children who were already medically fragile were being required to have a full series of vaccinations. The vaccinations also may have been traumatizing to children and parents who were doing their best with the process of early attachment and bonding. We don’t know all of the details yet on how Embassies and Consulates will implement the Adoption Simplification Act, but we hope it will be more like what happens with non-Hague cases, where families sign a “vaccination affidavit,” stating that they will get vaccinations for the child after returning to the US and on a schedule deemed medically appropriate by the family’s physician or the child’s pediatrician. The Adoption Simplification Act also allows for children between the ages of 16 and 18 to be adopted when their younger siblings are being adopted at the same time. Before this, children over age 16 could not be adopted, which meant that if a younger sibling was adopted, the siblings would be separated, or the adoption would be prevented altogether because the older sibling could not be adopted.