Adoption Grants and Financial Resources

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If you are interested in Adopting and would like to check into the possibilility of receiving an Adoption Grant or other Funding options, follow this link for more information.

Amy Coray, Published Author

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We have the great privilege of working with some absolutely amazing people, including Amy Coray, our China Programs Coordinator. Amy is not only a Mom Extraordinaire, but she is also a newly published author of a series called “The Adventures of Semi-Super Katie Dao Ming Bryant.” Katie Dao-Ming Bryant is a fictional character created especially for adopted children, but Amy hopes that all children will like her stories. She also hopes that children and parents will read these stories together and gain a better understanding of the feelings that come with being adopted.

The Adventures of Semi-Super Katie Dao-Ming Bryant

Book 1: The Name Game

Book 2: The Scare at the Fair