Ethiopian Holidays 2010

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Jan7 Thu Ethiopina Christmas /Gena/
Jan 19 Tue Ethiopian Epiphany /Timket/
Feb 26 Fri Birth Day of Prophet Mohamed /Maulid/
Mar 2 Thu Victory of Adwa
Apr 2 Fri Ethiopian Good Friday /Siklet/
Apr 4 Sun Ethiopian Easter /Fasica/
May 1 Sat Internation Labour day
May 5 Wed Ethiopian Patriots Victory Day
» May 28 Fri Downfall of Dergue
Sep 10 Fri Id Al Fater /Ramadan/
» Sep 11 Fri Ethipian New Year
» Sep 27 Sat Finding of the True Cross /Meskel/
» Nov 16 Mon Id Al Adeha /Arafa/

Great News for the China Program

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The CCAA recently issued referrals for families who were logged in by May 15, 2006. The last 2 referral batches for non-special needs children have included a larger number of Log-in-dates than in months past. We hope this is a good sign. The CCAA is making great efforts for find homes for special needs children. West Sands Adoptions is seeing more infants with minor needs on the shared special needs list. Many boys are available, as well as girls. Please let us know if you are interested in adopting a special needs child. The CCAA has also announced that it will make greater efforts to place harder-to-place children. Some of these children will be listed as “focus children.” Families who want to adopt these children may be given up to six months to get their paperwork ready. When families are looking to adopt “focus children,” the CCAA may also allow them to adopt a healthy child or another child with minor special needs or another “focus child” at the same time. We hope that this will mean that waiting children will have a better chance at finding loving, stable homes. Please contact us about our special needs China adoption program!

Family Photo Contest

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West Sands Adoptions

Family Photo Contest

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Submit your family photo with this:

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by August 15th for a chance to win.

Time Between Court and Embassy

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There has been much discussion over the time frame between court hearings and Embassy approval. All of the feedback we are receiving indicates a time frame of 2-3 weeks to prepare the required documents after court for Embassy submittal. The U.S. Embassy will investigate each case for a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 8 weeks. Cases when the adoptive child in under 1 year old and has no living parents, seem to receive a faster approval from the Embassy. If the adoptive child has a living parent, the U.S. Embassy’s Investigation will take longer. The U.S. Embassy is visiting the Orphanage that cares for your child and in some cases will visit the living biological parent. Once we receive approval from the U.S. Embassy, we will set your Interview date around 2 weeks after. This will allow you time to book your travel and prepare for your trip. Please understand that there is a legal adoption process that is taking place in Ethiopia. Our staff is working very diligently with the local Ethiopian Government and the U.S. Embassy on your behalf. Please be patient during this process and trust that everything will work out in the right time.