The Dance – Hand in Hand

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We came across this amazing video of two dancers both
affected by tragic accidents. We found their dance inspiring, and it reminds
us that the children we place who have special needs are children with great
abilities. Their needs do not have to disable them unless we allow that to
happen. We hope you will also be inspired by this clip. Hand in Hand


Recently, in a televised modern dance competition in China – a very unique couple won one of the top prizes and received the longest standing ovation.

She was a dancer, who had trained since she was a child. Tragically, she lost her entire right arm in an accident and fell into a state of depression; so she decided to coach a children’s dancing group. From that point on, she realized she could not forget dancing. She still loved to dance and wanted to dance again. She tried to do some of her former routines but without her arm she had difficulty maintaining balance. She practiced strenuously and developed a dance routine – always dancing alone in her studio.

He was not a dancer. He lost a leg in an accident and he had fallen into a deep state of depression. They met – and her goal immediately became to help him become positive about life again. She taught him to dance and in her studio they danced together and developed a routine as their lives and friendship became closer.

Their life together, behind the closed doors of the dance studio – was one creativity, challenge, determination, practice and sometimes failure. Their focus was on doing what others said would be impossible.. Several times it became so difficult and frustrating for them that they gave up, broke up.

But life alone, without each other, brought them back together again and they became even more determined to perfect a dance routine to a point where they might try to dance outside the studio to see what friends and family thought about what they were doing all that time inside the studio.

Their friends and family were so supportive they encouraged the couple to enter a dance competition, which they finally agreed to do. Only later did they realize the competition was to be televised locally. We will now see the first – and to date only televised performance of their dance……

ENJOY…… and learn determination….

Click Here to view.

Do-Overs:The Gift of Re-Parenting Webinar Training

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West Sands Adoptions is excited about a new training Webinar from Heart of the Matter Seminars. This one hour live webinar for both parents and professionals, assists participants in meeting their child at their true developmental age and parenting accordingly. Gain a deeper understanding of how re-parenting  can benefit the child who waited and what it looks like in everyday life.  Generate re-parenting ideas with presenters and other participants.

Thursday, June 24th ~ 7 pm CDT

Price: $15.00

To register click here


Travel Approval for 12 Families

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Today West Sands Adoptions received Travel Approval from the CCAA for 12 families. Congratulations and happy travels to your newest little ones. We wish you all the very best, as it has been an honor to walk beside you through this journey. Please keep us posted on your travels.

Many blessings,

The West Sands Staff

Adopting from African Countries – Online Training Seminar

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West Sands Adoptions is excited for Heart of the Matter Seminars new training seminar. This training is specific to African Adoptions including Ethiopia and covers the following topics:

  1. Legal Process.
  2. Making Sense of why a child was placed.
  3. Common Medical Issues.
  4. Skin & Hair
  5. Race and Culture issues specific to African Adoptions

For more information about this Seminar Click Here.

African Children’s Hair

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I receive some many adoptive moms asking for resources on care and styling their African children’s hair. I received this link and had to share. I hope you find it useful!

My name is Katie, I have 3 kids from Liberia adopted through AFAA 4 1/2 year ago. I love doing my girls hair and I created a youtube channel a few years ago to make tutorial videos for other adoptive moms. Blessing’s hair is now in braidlocs and I have done a whole 4 part series explaining everything about them. I also have many other cornrowing styles and non- cornrow styles for my daughter whose hair is not loced.

Today I added my newest video, “Little Sisters Want FUN Hair Too!” Our youngest child is our bio daughter who has stick straight baby fine hair. She is 2 years old but wants hair styles just like her big sisters! 🙂 It has been a whole new adventure learning how to style her hair now that I am so proficient at working with my African children’s hair!

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out my videos, Click Here.